Monday, February 6, 2012

Bookcase : Before

Good morning! I decided to go ahead and do a quick post to show you the oak bookcase I have begun to refinish. This will be my first furniture painting project so I have done my research and found several different methods and tutorials online. I have found this tutorial to be the most helpful. The bookcase I am working with was a craigslist find and is made of solid oak with an oak veneer. The back is just a thin piece of wood tacked on. You can't really tell in this photo, but two pieces of plywood were added to create "feet" on either side of the shelf which makes it appear slightly unfinished but does give it more stability which I am sure was the intent. I am still brainstorming on how to "finish" it, but it may end up just getting painted at least for now. The first coat of primer is almost on and I will post a detailed description of the painting process when it is completed! Be watching for the grand reveal! :)

UPDATE 11/17/2013: Yes, I finished this project. Yes, I have pictures of the results...somewhere. I fell off the wagon right after getting on it and I have newfound respect for those who blog and raise a family! I am hoping to update this post with the completion but if not, please don't hold it against me as sometimes it is just best to start with a clean slate!

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